Just what is ATA-300 Category 1? 

                    Why do you need it?

ATA-300 (Category I)  is a list of specifications for reusable containers 
put forth by the Air Transport Association.  Category I containers are built to 
withstand at least 100 trips of normal airline cargo handling. 

Why do you need it?  Each year millions of dollars worth of equipment are 
stolen or damaged when not properly packed for transit.  A Wilson Case 
ATA-300 (Category 1) guards your gear over and over again while enduring 
shipping abuse. 

  • Recessed, butterfly twist style latches close securely.  They do 
    not get snagged, torn off or jolted open when heavy crates are 
    shoved into them - keeping your equipment safe.  

  • Recessed, spring loaded handles have rubber grip sleeves for 
    comfort and solid hold.  They will not slip out of your hand, get 
    snagged or torn off.

  • Ball corners absorb the brunt of loading and unloading punishment.

  • Exceptionally deep tongue & groove closure protects your gear 
    from dirt and moisture.

  • Not all gear is alike.  Our packaging experts know how to protect 
    computers, delicate medical equipment and even "classified" items.  
    They will design a custom interior with proper foam configuration to 
    ensure a safe trip.

  • Wilson Case ATA-300 cases SAVE you time, money and damage 
    to your equipment.

Not just a box with locks!  Our Design Engineers are pros.  They utilize 
the latest technology and decades of packaging experience to design a case 
that will protect your gear - trip after trip.

We offer FREE Custom Case Design.   If you can imagine it we can design it!  
Over the years we have built many interesting cases to protect very sensitive 

  • The US Armed Forces needed an office in the desert - FAST!  
    Wilson Case designed a case that effortlessly turned into a work-
    station.   Table legs in the lid at just the right height for a person to 
    sit at.  Equipment in just the right spot for efficient, comfortable use.  
    And - it all arrived safe and sound.    Wilson Case takes care of the 
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  • A Dental company spent thousands of dollars and consumed costly 
    union hours at each tradeshow.  Time spent packing and unpacking, 
    hammering crates back together and replacing broken ones ate 
    away at their budget.  Wilson designed cases to cut these enormous 
    expenses.  Their gear is now efficiently organized and it packs and 
    unpacks easily.   The Wilson cases endure shipping abuse over and 
    over again - while protecting their gear.  This company significantly 
    reduced their show costs. 
    They are out of the exhibit hall and on 
    the road in record time.  Take a look at some of our most popular           
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There are no surprises with any custom design.  Wilson Case provides 
Free CAD approval drawings.  You get exactly what you ordered.

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